- Market to Market Relay Run -
October 13, 2012

Emerson Running Club Team Members -
Jenni Richards, Chris Richards, Val Jensen, Kate Jurjevich, Kerry Schafer, Angie Quist, Kathy Tack, and Max Austin
[Group Start]
Emerson Running Club Team
Memorial Park 6:45 a.m.
[Kerry at Start]
Kerry ready to start first stage

Bring it on Angie.

Go getem' Val

Team van, no beer truck.


Our transportation

Taking a break.

Go for it Kate

Hand off from Chris to Kate

Chris at his last stage

Another Chris finished

Wating for our runner.

Another wait for our runner

Waiting again

Finish strong Val!

Val hand off to Kathy

One team costumed up.

Kerry hand off to Chris

Go Kate

Let's move to stage 20

A stage parking.

Go Kerry

Stage parking

Val making some adjustments.
[Group Finish]
Happy faces at our finish!
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