Emerson Area Running Club

This is an informal group of people who enjoy running together. Anyone can join us. We welcome beginner, intermediate and avid runners. Runs will be posted on the group page. There may be one to two scheduled runs per week. If you plan to attend a run, please just let us know so we can plan the type and length of run based on what those in attendance enjoy.
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Check out our photos from the 2012 Market to Market Relay.
Check out our photos from the 2013 Market to Market Relay.
A great source for races, equipment or just geneal discussion by runners is the Runners World forums.
One tool for tracking your runs or cycling that includes not only the route, time of day, weather, but also imports from many GPS watches/devices is SportTracks forums.
Other running organizations in the Omaha Nebraska area:
     Omaha Running Club
     Greater Omaha Areas Trail Runners (GOATZ).
Some upcoming local running events check out:

     Lincoln NE Marathon - May 4, 2014.
     The Dizzy GOAT (Schramm State Park NE) - 3, 6, and 12 hour runs - June 21, 2014.
     Creighton Make-A-Wish (Lake Zorinsky, Omaha) - 2014.
     Lean Horse 100M/50M/50K (New course, new start from Custer S.D.) - August 23, 2014.
     Double Half Mary (Valparaiso, NE - 7th & Roca, NE - 8th) - 2014.
     Wabasah Marathon & Half Marathon (Malvern IA to Shenandoah IA) - 2014.
     Corporate Cup (Aksarben Village Omaha) - 2014.
     Omaha Marathon - 2014.
     Market to Market Relay (Omaha NE to Lincoln NE) - October 11, 2014.
     Des Moines Marathon - October 19, 2014.
     2nd Annual G.O.A.T.z Trail Runs and G.O.A.T.z 50k (Lake Cunningham, Omaha) - October 2014.
     Vets Trail Run, Shubert NE - November 9, 2013.
     Living History Farms Race (Des Moines IA) - November 23, 2013.
     Feast & Feathers 5K, 10K & 1/2 Marathon Omaha - November 28, 2013.
     Udder Buster Trail Run, Hickman NE - January 12, 2014.
Some upcoming NOT local running events check out:
     Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins CO (May 4, 2014) - Full and Half Marathons close early each year so register early. Check out video and you will want to run this one!
     Estes Park Marathon CO (June 21, 2014) - Full and Half Marathons plus other shorter distances and a fun time for the family. Besides it is the Rocky Mountains, how can that be bad?
      Leadville Trail Marathon - Next running will be June 14, 2014. Listed as one of the two most difficult marathon courses in the U.S. Starting at an elevation of 10,152 climbing to 13,185 ft at the half way turnaround. Do not be fooled because there is some up and down hills between those points.

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