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Per Emerson City Code Chapter 56.01 ANNUAL LICENSE REQUIRED.  Every owner of a dog or cat over the age of three (3) months shall register the dog or cat and procure a license from the Clerk on or before February 15 of each year.  It is a violation of this chapter for any owner to own or possess a dog or cat within the City without registering the dog or cat and obtaining the license required hereby. 

Chapter 56.02 LICENSE FEES.  The annual license fee is five dollars ($5.00) per each male, five dollars ($5.00) for each female and five dollars ($5.00) for each altered animal.  Licenses procured after March 1 for a dog or cat that should have been licensed by February 15 is classed as delinquent.  The license fee for delinquent registrations shall have three dollars ($3.00) added.  Upon payment of the license fee, the Clerk shall issue to the owner a license. The Clerk shall keep a duplicate of each license issued as a City record.  The owner shall be given a metal or plastic tag for attachment to the collar or harness of the animal. 

Chapter 56.03 IMMUNIZATION.  Before a license is issued, the owner shall exhibit a veterinarian’s certificate showing that the dog or cat for which the license if sought has been vaccinated for rabies.  Said certificate shall show that the vaccination does not expire within six months from the date of registration.  All dogs and cat three (3) months of age or over shall be vaccinated.  A vaccination tag to evidence such immunization shall be worn by all dogs and cats when not confined.  It is unlawful for any owner not to have his dog or cat immunized. 


On January 8, 2020 Emerson City Council passed Resolution No. 2020-04 RESOLUTION DESIGNATING CITY OF EMERSON’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA SITES.  The approved resolution set this site as the city’s official website.  It also stated that the city does not maintain and is not responsible for any presence on any social media site, such as:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.  and is not responsible for any information posted or provided on any social media sites. 

The regular City Council meetings have been moved from the first Monday of each month to the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Meeting time remains 6 p.m. If you have anything you would like to present to the council for meetings, please have it at City Hall by the Thursday before the meeting.

These are the properties currently for sale in our community.

Check out the Library for exciting events that will be taking place throughout the year.

** NOTICE **
The City offers a tree branch, limbs, and yard waste drop-off site south of Emerson over the railroad tracks. Once again, while the site was left open some individual(s) felt the need to also leave their household trash and recyclables. The Council has again decided to LOCK the site, PLEASE ensure you only leave appropriate items!! If you notice someone violating this use, please inform City Hall.

Reminder – Monthly City Council meeting takes place at 6 p.m. on the Second Wednesday of each month at City Hall. All citizens are encouraged to attend to stay informed to what your city government is doing. The minutes and approved claims for each council meeting can be found under City Functions – City Hall – Council Minutes.